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Jul 11, 2019 - Explore mahoromarie's board 'Nicki minaj rap' on Pinterest. See more ideas about Nicki minaj, Nicki minaj rap, Nikki minaj. Actualmente son amigos y Lil Wayne la sigue describiendo como 'el amor de mi vida, con el que maduré y viví mis primeras experiencias, desde mi primer beso, hasta mi primera hija.' En 2006, Lil Wayne anunció que parte de la causa de su divorcio, tenía que ver con sus graves problemas con las drogas y el alcohol. (Houston Rap) Paul Wall Discography (69 releases) 2002-2020, MP3 (tracks), VBR 110-276 kbps - CBR 320 kbps » Зарубежный Рэп, Хип-Хоп (lossy) :: Chatea con Evelyn, 51 hoy. de Concord (Cabarrus), Estados Unidos. Comienza a hablar completamente gratis en Badoo El rapero de Nueva Orleans Lil Wayne ha decidido dedicar un tiempo de su 2013 a los fans europeos y, antes de que acabe el año, ha anunciado que el próximo marzo los pasará en el Viejo Continente.. El cantante de Young Money que aseguró tenía en mente retirarse en una fecha no muy lejana —dijo que lo haría con su Tha Carter V–, no se olvida de los seguidores internacionales y su ... Lil Wayne adelantó hace unas semanas que estaba trabajando en una línea de ropa de skate que se iba a llamar Trukfit y que presentaría en enero, y por fin, el momento ha llegado. Esta es la increíble historia detrás de la marca, con la esencia de la calle y de su Nueva Orleans natal. Si bien se esperaba la primera exhibición de las prendas los días 23 y 24 de enero en las jornadas de ... – John Wayne. No one ever said it wasn’t scary to pursue a building your own side business with the goal of quitting your day job. A lot of people don’t want to risk the consistency and dependability of their 9-to-5. This motivational quote serves to reminder you that you can’t afford to be most people. En una entrevista con la revista Complex afirmó que Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, TI, Capas, Común, T-Pain, Jay-Z, Nas y el juego va a estar en el álbum; El juego se presenta en una pista con Willy Northpole titulado 'llamar a los Homies'. TI fue en el álbum en una pista llamada 'gustaría que' aplastar a la larga disputa entre ellos. Feb 4, 2020 - Explore latishahippolyt's board 'Nicki minaj rap' on Pinterest. See more ideas about Nicki minaj, Nicki minaj rap, Nikki minaj. Nicki es la única rapera con dos sencillos con más de 10 millones de ventas puras cada uno, Super Bass y Starships , y la única con al menos 3 álbumes con más de 5 millones de ventas globales. En septiembre de 2019 anunció su retiro de la industria musical para dedicarse a su vida familiar. Biografía 1982-2007: Primeros años de vida

Lil Wayne's Tha Carter 5

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it's 2015. lil wayne has been completely under the radar for a couple years, and everyone believes his career is shot and he abandoned the game a washed up sell out that gave up on his fans to go skate and sell trukfit. lil wayne has not put out any new albums or mixtapes since 2013, and the only verses he has put out were shitty phoned-in punchlines for birdman and drake albums. even the last of the weezy fans have lost faith in the once hip hop powerhouse. some people even believe he's retired.
what nobody knows, not even young money affiliates or the big wigs in the music industry, is that lil wayne has been watching and waiting, for he has become twisted and corrupted by all of the hate and criticism and backlash that has been flung towards him for the past half a decade, and is determined to leave the rap game with his final album, Tha Carter V, his magmum opus, an album so great, so redeeming, and so powerful that the genre of hip hop itself will pierce the heavens and transcend our earthly realm. This is lil wayne’s final atonement, his only way to undo the corruption and fufill his destiny.
Much like the dark lord sauron forged in secret the one ring of power to deceive and control all others, lil wayne secretly goes into hiding by cutting his dreads back to carter II length and growing a beard, as well as changing his name. lil wayne, under the alias ”the last guardian” buys studio time in remote parts of the middle east, Russia, the amazon, and southeast asia, and begins work on what will become his greatest and last performance, a performance that ends up costing him his life.
Not wanting any marketing, any hype, and even birdman and drake not knowing about the album, lil wayne uses only the beats that have been gifted to him over the years, some beats 15+ years old, beats produced by a younger, more soulful kanye west during the late registration era, beats from mannie fresh during his years working with cash money, beats from dr. dre, dj premier, the RZA, and even an odd beat he was able to get his hands on back in the day from MF DOOM. Lil wayne goes to work, crafting the best lyrics he has ever penned, rapping about topics more than just about eating pussy and blowing money. Lil wayne finally addresses his drug problem, his unrequited love for trina that made him a bitter, womanizing, confused and misunderstood man, his own failures as an artist and how close he was to ascending to the throne, only to be cast down and spit upon. Lil wayne makes songs about his missteps, he revisits his childhood and expresses his guilt for not keeping curren$y on young money, and also how he was supposed to blow up with his brothers, the hot boys, and how his success was always tainted by his crippling issues with lonliness, never knowing his real father, and his portrayal in the media despite what he had given to the rap game before his mainstream popularity with tha carter 3.
After a grueling recording process of blood, sweat, liquor, blunts, and tears, lil wayne is ready. His magnum opus must now be professionally mixed and mastered. Once back in the states, lil wayne, still in disguise, kidnaps yung guru, and reveals to him the severity of the situation and how important this is, and that he intends for the album to be released in exactly one week, and nobody must know besides them two. Yung guru, being dealt with the burden of both this and jay electronica’s music reluctantly agrees as he now knows the role he has to play in the saving of hip hop, and begins diligently working on mastering the album.
Lil wayne, absolutely exhausted from pouring his entire being into the album, makes his way to holly grove in new Orleans, just to revisit his old home, and is tragically shot in the heart and killed by a stray bullet, ending his life right there on the spot. Upon hearing this news, yung guru is devastated, finishes mixing the album, and finally falls asleep. At 4:20 am, yung guru is awoken by the ghosts of lil wayne, 2pac, biggie, kurt cobain, and nate dogg: they have all come together and have convinced the ghost of lil wayne to let some features on the album before it drops, in just 24 hours from now: September 27, 2015. Yung guru of course tells the fallen legends of rap that he will do whatever it takes, and phones up all of the best people for the album. All of the featured artists fly in that night and swear an oath to the ghosts of rap to not only not leak the album but also to compose the best verses of their careers. The album is released and the cover art for the album is a picture of lil wayne’s dead body surrounded by all of the other fallen hip hop legends and the tracklist is as follows:
1- The Death of Tunechi
2- The Rebirth of Lil Wayne (feat. The Hot Boys)
3- Trina’s Room (feat. Drake and Trina)
4- Something You Forgot pt. 2 (feat. Andre 3000)
5- The Redemption
6- Final Atonement (feat. Ghostface Killah and Raekwon) (Method Man on hook duty)
7- Lighting up My La La La pt. 2 (feat. Jay Electronica)
8- Rap Legacy (feat. Nas and Jay-Z)
9- Fly Out for Good (feat. Posthumous 2pac and Biggie verses)
10- Momma Name Cita
11- Best Rapper Alive, the Crowning
12- A New Chapta (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
13- Dwayne Carter
14- Rehabilitation (feat. Eminem)
15- This is Goodbye
Despite the lack of hype and marketing, Tha Carter V is instantly compared to illmatic. Pitchfork, metacritic, fantano, deadendhiphop(feefo even says carter 5 bumps in the whip), and /HHH all agree that it is a solid 10/10 perfect album. It goes diamond off of physical copies alone, and lil wayne gets immortalized as a rap legend alongside the other greats, and many t shirts and art murals are made as lil wayne goes down in history as arguably the best to ever do it, and is seriously discussed in "greatest of all time" barbershop debates for generations to come.
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