2 jan 1993 zodiac

According to Chinese zodiac, 1993 has the Rooster sign, and it is the Water element based on Chinese Five Elements. Therefore, people born in 1993 are the Water Rooster. Referring to Gregorian calendar, the Water Rooster year starts from January 23, 1993 to February 9, 1994, and those people who born from January 1 to January 22 in 1993 belong ... January 1993. Exactly 10,058 day(s) ago the month of January 1993 began on a Friday and is therefore 330 month(s) or 1,436 week(s) old. 1993 Chinese Zodiac. The Year of the Water Rooster . Those born between January 23, 1993 and February 9, 1994 are members of the Water Rooster Chinese Zodiac sign. If you were born before January 23rd, please consult the 1992 Chinese Zodiac, which is The Year of the Water Monkey. This is the Moon chart for the year 1993. It represents the movement of Moon through the zodiac belt for the year you were born. The chart displays only the dates when the Moon hopped from one house to another. For the missing dates the moon was present in the preceding sign. For natives born on January 2 1993 the zodiac animal is the 猴 Monkey. The Yang Water is the related element for the Monkey symbol. The lucky numbers for this zodiac animal are 1, 7 and 8, while numbers to avoid are 2, 5 and 9. The lucky colors of this Chinese sign are blue, golden and white, while grey, red and black are considered avoidable ... The Egyptian zodiac is made up of 12 signs. Certain days of the year are represented by each of the signs. Each astrology sign is symbolized by an Egyptian god with the exception of The Nile. The ancient Egyptians believed your personality and life were determined by the sign you were born under. Chinese Zodiac. Like so many ancient traditions, the origin stories of the Chinese zodiac vary. Some say that the Buddha (or Jade Emperor) called on all animals to help mankind and only 12 responded. Others say that a Great Race was held to determine which animals would be placed in the zodiac for eternity. Astrology birthday is of great significance for followers of western astrology, wherein your zodiac sign is determined according to your birth date. So, in case your astrology birthday is between March 21-April 19 your western astrology birthday zodiac sign is Aries. Vedic Astrology and Birthday. The basic of any Vedic astrology prediction is a ... January 2 Birthstone. Garnet is a gemstone that means faith and patience. Ideal Zodiac Birthday Gift For People Born On January 2. Scented Candles for women and Clocks or Calendars for men. January 2 birthday horoscope predicts a beautiful life for you. Astrology.com is your portal to the stars, unlocking the mysteries of the universe with horoscopes, tarot, and psychic readings.. Whether you're a zodiac beginner looking for a free birth chart or a pro searching for answers to life's toughest questions, we are here to help you connect the dots - no matter your zodiac sign. Bursting with information on all the astrological signs, love ...

We need to talk! Of the 12 zodiac signs, there are 60 personalities for each one...

2020.02.28 03:49 ManicMick420 We need to talk! Of the 12 zodiac signs, there are 60 personalities for each one...

Look down vote me into oblivion all you want but there was a post asking about Cancer women which caused me to write about this. I am Cancer Man of 1983, year of the water pig. I have been committing the Sheng Xiao to memory after deeming it plausible, and well quite frankly, I have not been able to find ANYTHING on the internet or libraries or research papers... nothing! that disproves the Chinese Restaurant Place Mat Logic.

You are an Aries? well there are 60 of you. "I am a Scorpio so I am looking for a________" so you find him or her, and it doesn't work. It was supposed to! Why didn't it? He or she was a different year and your personalities destroyed each other.

Women! Look for a SO born 4 or 8 years older than you, Men look for a SO born 4 or 8 years younger.
FOR FUCK SAKES! NEVER 6 years. If your SO is 6 years younger or older than you, you two will kill each other after the "honeymoon" phase of the relationship. Basically after the brain chemicals that caused you to like him or her wore off, and now you are stuck with someone you are not even compatible with.

The Chinese system has 60 years in a sexagenarian (5 elements times 12 years for 60 years) cycle. Starting in 1984 wood Rat and ending with Water boar of 2043. The element is determined by the last number in the year you are born. 0 and 1 are metal, 2 and 3 are water, 4 and 5 are wood, 6 and 7 are fire, 8 and 9 are Earth. So say you are born April of 2000 you are a metal dragon.
I am born 1983 so I am looking for a wife born 1991 year of the metal sheep. I am also good with Rabbit of 1987 but never 6 years difference 1977 or 1989 snake. Snake is my enemy.

The Western Zodiac, Say Cancer Scorpio Aries Etc... determines your western element. Air earth water fire.

The default element is determined by the scholars of the Sheng Xiao.
Metal: Monkey Rooster
Wood: Tiger Dragon Rabbit
water: Rat boapig
fire: snake horse
earth: sheep ox dog

Western element - default element - year element - animal sign
Water from Cancer, water from boapig water from 3 of 1983 Boar
Triple water boar.

Your assignment is to go on a dating site, and look for a SO born in a year that is compatible with you. Find them and see if you click.
BE WARNED! Capricorn and Aquarius. Capricorn of 1999 can be two different things, so can Aquarius. If you are Cap of 1999 say DEC 29th 1999 you are a rabbit but Cap of Jan 18th 1999 you are still tiger of 1998. In Aquarius you have to look at the Lunar New Year day. Jan 28th 1983 is water dog, Feb 21st 1983 is water pig.
give this a whirl. There is more to each personality. The rooster, well roosters don't really believe in astrology, but water rooster is different from the rest of the rooster. 1993 is a wonky year for astrologers haha.

If you are a 19 year old man, I realize your wife is 15 or 11. This is illegal, but when you are old enough to marry say 28 29 30ish look for women who are younger than you that are old enough to drink at least.
If you are an older man say 60, subtract 20 years she is 40 going on 41 and you are 60 going on 61. 20 years is like the epitome of compatibility. I realize 20 years younger than me is 2003 the water sheep. She will be 17 this year. Too young but fun to think about.
I would love for someone to give me conclusive evidence to suggest this does not work other than "bro science" "religious bullshit" or some idiotic trolling.

Let me know what you think! Worst comes to worst you might find a spouse haha.
If you would like a free reading, DM me with your Birthday and year of you and your SO. I also need your genders. LGBTQA friendly.
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2018.11.03 19:01 MorningRaven K/DA Profile Details: Chinese Zodiacs Don't Add Up

On the universe page, the K/DA Profiles are very well written. Lots of time went into it and the quality shows. Thank you for all the work. I love the product. Praise aside:
The math for their Chinese zodiacs don't add up
The Western Zodiacs make plenty of sense. The date each champion released was used for the zodiac for each girl.
But the years don't match up with the Chinese Zodiacs.
K/DA - Sagittarius - Year of the Dog Default - Released December 14, 2011 Year of the Rabbit
K/DA - Taurus - Year of the Ox Default - Released May 11, 2010 Year of the Tiger
K/DA - Taurus - Year of the Rooster Default - Released May 1, 2009 Year of the Ox
K/DA - Pisces - Year of the Rat Default - Released March 7, 2018 Year of the Dog
And none of the champs were released during the Jan/Feb time where you question when the new year starts exactly, so no issues with that. But math /= logic here to me.
The most I got is Ahri is fitting because she's a fox so a dog is the closest to a fox. Realistically though, Evelynn was reworked in 2017, so this current Eve was born then which was the year of the rooster. That fits. Likewise, Ahri was reworked when they flipped her passive with her Q passive + charm changes in the beginning of Season 8, so 2018, the year of the dog, also fits.
I can't for the life of me figure out how Akali is an ox and Kai'Sa a rat though. Both Kai'Sa's release and Akali's rework were in 2018, still year of the dog.
I guessed Kai'Sa's is based off of whenever Kassadin received a story that included his long lost daughter, but he was released later in 2009, which is the ox, not the rat. So unless it's alpha/beta era from 2008, that doesn't work.
And I tried doing math on what their proposed ages would be based on the years, and I don't see why the years 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997 would work. Because thematically, yea I can see Eve being a year older than Ahri and Akali being the youngest etc. But if Akali was born in the year of the ox, she'd be 21, but base Akali is canon to be 19.
Someone please tell me how the Chinese Zodiacs were figured out. Because I did all I can.
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2018.08.09 20:00 gracgrac Trainees' Birthdays and Zodiac Signs

Okay, so my initial post about Top 30 contestants' birthdays/zodiacs got removed so I made another one with ALL contestants and a proper title. I'm missing around 14 birthdays, feel free to inform me if you know any of them.
Top 12 currently has 4(!!!) Libras.
  1. Jang Wonyoung (31.8.2004.) - VIRGO
  2. Yabuki Nako (18.6.2001.) - GEMINI
  3. Kang Hyewon (4.7.1999.) - CANCER
  4. Ahn Yoojin (1.9.2003.) - VIRGO
  5. Kwon Eunbi (27.9.1995.) - LIBRA
6, Kim Minju (5.7.2001.) - CANCER
  1. Miyazaki Sakura (19.3.1998.) - PISCES
  2. Lee Kaeun (20.8.1994.) - LEO
  3. Han Chowon (28.1.2002.) - AQUARIUS
  4. Jo Yuri (22.10.2001.) - LIBRA
  5. Heo Yoonjin (8.10.2001.) - LIBRA
  6. Honda Hitomi (6.10.2001.) - LIBRA
  7. Shiroma Miru (14.10.1997.) - LIBRA
  8. Wang Yiren (29.12.2000.) - CAPRICORN
  9. Kim Chaewon (1.8.2000.) - LEO
  10. Choi Yena (29.9.1999.) - LIBRA
  11. Lee Chaeyeon (11.1.2000.) - CAPRICORN
  12. Park Haeyoon (??? 1996) - help idk
  13. Lee Sian (25.2.1999.) - PISCES
  14. Takahashi Juri (3.10.1997.) - LIBRA
  15. Kim Nayoung (30.11.2002) - SAGITTARIUS
  16. Shitao Miu (3.4.2001.) - ARIES
  17. Kim Doah (4.12.2003.) - SAGITTARIUS
  18. Kim Sihyun (5.8.1999.) - LEO
  19. Murase Sae (30.3.1997.) - ARIES
  20. Jang Gyuri (27.12.1997.) - CAPRICORN
  21. Miyazaki Miho (30.7.1993.) - LEO
  22. Goto Moe (20.5.2001.) - TAURUS
  23. Na Goeun (3.9.1999.) - VIRGO
  24. Takeuchi Miyu (12.1.1996.) - CAPRICORN
  25. Go Yoojin (23.9.2000.) - LIBRA
  26. Son Eunchae (6.10.1999.) - LIBRA
  27. Chiba Erii (27.10.2003.) - SCORPIO
  28. Kojima Mako (30.5.1997.) - GEMINI
  29. Yoon Haesol (17.6.1997.) - GEMINI
  30. Bae Eunyoung (23.5.1997) - GEMINI
  31. Nakanishi Chiyori (12.5.1995) - TAURUS
  32. Muto Tomu (25.11.1994) - SAGITTARIUS
  33. Sato Minami (3.5.2003.) - TAURUS
  34. Iwatate Saho (4.10.1994) - LIBRA
  35. Yamada Noe (7.10.1999.) - LIBRA
  36. Asai Nanami (20.5.2000.) - TAURUS
  37. Kim Sohee (14.8.2002.) - LEO
  38. Kim Minseo (27.7.2002.) - LEO
  39. Murakawa Bibian (3.12.1999.) - SAGITTARIUS
  40. Kim Hyunah (13.1.1995.) - CAPRICORN
  41. Kim Suyun (17.3.2001.) - PISCES
  42. Lee Haeun (30.10.2004.) - SCORPIO
  43. Aramaki Misaki (27.1.2001.) - AQUARIUS
  44. Kim Choyeon (1.8.2001.) - LEO
  45. Lee Yujeong (14.6.2004) - GEMINI
  46. Motomura Aoi (31.5.1997.) - GEMINI
  47. Park Minji (31.3.1999.) - ARIES
  48. Yoo Minyoung (???)
  49. Park Seoyoung (???)
  50. Wang Ke (???)
  51. Cho Kahyeon (???)
  52. Nakano Ikumi (20.8.2000.) - LEO
  53. Hwang Soyeon (???)
  54. Shin Suhyun (27.2.1996) - PISCES
  55. Kang Damin (24.3.2004.) - ARIES
  56. Mogi Shinobu (16.2.1997.) - AQUARIUS
  57. Oda Erina (25.4.1997.) .- TAURUS
  58. Yoon Eunbin (21.5.2004.) - GEMINI
  59. Choi Yeonsoo (14.7.1999.) - CANCER
  60. Matsuoka Natsumi (8.8.1996.)
  61. Park Chanju (???)
  62. Park Jinny (19.1.1998.) - CAPRICORN
  63. Kim Dayeon (2.3.2003.) - PISCES
  64. Hasegawa Rena (15.3.2001,) - PISCES
  65. Cho Ahyeong (???)
  66. Lee Seunghyeon (???)
  67. Kato Yuuka (1.8.1997.) - LEO
  68. Kim Dahye (???)
  69. Imada Mina (5.3.1997.) - PISCES
  70. Nagano Serika (27.3.2001.) - ARIES
  71. Hong Yeji (13.1.2002.) - CAPRICORN
  72. Lee Chaejeong (???)
  73. Park Jieun (4.9.1997.) - VIRGO
  74. Ichikawa Manami (26.8.1999.) - VIRGO
  75. Alex Christine (9.12.1996.) - SAGITTARIUS
  76. Kurihara Sae (20.6.1996.) - CANCER
  77. Cho Yeongin (31.10.2001.) - SCORPIO
  78. Asai Yuka (9.10.2003.) - LIBRA
  79. Ahn Yewon (10.2.2001.) - AQUARIUS
  80. Naiki Kokoro (6.4.1997.) - ARIES
  81. Kim Yubin (27.2.2002.) - PISCES
  82. Cho Sarang (???)
  83. Choi Soeun (???)
  84. Shinozaki Ayana (8.1.1996.) - CAPRICORN
  85. Won Seoyeon (???)
  86. Matsui Jurina (8.3.1997.) - PISCES
  87. Tanaka Miku (12.9.2001.) - VIRGO
  88. Umeyama Cocona (7.8.2003.) - LEO
  89. Tsukiashi Amane (26.10.1999.) - SCORPIO
  90. Uemura Azusa (4.2.1999.) - AQUARIUS
LIBRA - 12
LEO - 11
By month:
JAN - 8
FEB - 6
MAR - 10
APR - 3
MAY - 8
JUN - 4
JUL - 5
AUG - 11
SEP - 7
OCT - 13
NOV - 2
DEC - 5
October kids rule!!!
Update: Thanks to u/yeollie we now know when Kim Hyunah was born.
Update 2: Thank you u/AyyThatGirl for correcting my shit math skills regarding Libras in Top 12
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2017.05.18 18:14 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Feb. 26, 1996

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
PREVIOUS YEARS ARCHIVE: 19911992199319941995
1-2-1996 1-6-1996 1-15-1996 1-22-1996
1-29-1996 2-5-1996 2-12-1996 2-19-1996
  • Professional boxer Tommy Morrison tested positive for HIV and it is likely to have significant repercussions within the world of professional wrestling. It's unlikely Morrison contracted the virus from boxing but regardless, athletic commissions throughout the country are now tripping over themselves to require HIV testing for boxers and possibly for wrestlers also. It's also likely that this will lead to calls for state commissions to ban blading, which had seemingly been making a comeback in WCW recently. ECW was the first to respond, with Paul Heyman saying that his company will no longer allow blading. Not so much because of health concerns but mostly due to concerns that if the Philadelphia and New York athletic commissions were to shut ECW down in those states, it would kill the company (obviously that didn't last). WWF has hinted that they may begin voluntarily testing for HIV.
  • Dave's thoughts on blading are this: on the surface, it seems barbaric. But if you step back and look at it logically, there are way more dangerous things in wrestling. Steroid abuse is linked to the deaths of many wrestlers. The odds of landing wrong doing some flippy shit off the top rope and getting paralyzed are much higher than a serious blading injury. And as far as contracting HIV, wrestlers share steroid needles and have unprotected sex with groupies. To date, there hasn't been a single instance in any sport of someone contracting HIV from contact with blood during an event. So in the grand scheme of things, blading isn't really that dangerous compared to everything else that happens in wrestling. That being said, Dave still doesn't like it and wishes the practice would go away for good.
  • The latest In Your House PPV took place this week and Dave was unimpressed. Bret retained the title in a cage match against Diesel but yet again came out of the match looking weak heading into Wrestlemania. Jake Roberts worked a pre-show match and is horribly out of shape. Vader did an angle with Yokozuna but is still recovering from shoulder surgery and actually aggravated the injury by simply doing the angle. He's nowhere near recovered and may not be ready by Wrestlemania as planned. Shawn Michaels vs. Owen Hart stole the show with a great match. Overall, the show was just a glorified Raw to build towards Wrestlemania.
  • The on-again-off-again relationship with Ultimate Warrior and WWF appears to be back on. The two sides were negotiating in December for Warrior to return at the Rumble but it fell through over money and because Warrior wanted to be able to wear a testosterone patch which, while technically legal, would still spit in the face of WWF's policy (especially with Vince throwing all this shade at WCW over steroids lately). No word on what has changed, but on the latest Raw, they aired a promo for Warrior's return. Given his track record, Dave thinks bringing back Warrior is another sign of desperation on Vince's part.
  • Brian Pillman showed up in ECW this week "in his quest to convince people he's completely lost his mind." Pillman was in character the whole time, wearing a La Parka mask backstage to hide his identity and pretending to only speak Japanese. Pillman cut a promo that turned the whole crowd against him and then did a worked attack on a "fan" and was hauled out by security. Pillman stayed in character the rest of the night back at the hotel, swearing at fans who approached him. Pillman was very publicly fired by WCW last week, although there are rumors that he's still on the payroll and that this whole thing is a work. Some are saying that WCW is going to great, almost ridiculous lengths to convince everyone that this is a shoot. Dave isn't really sure how this whole thing translates into making money for WCW if it's a work. All pre-taped matches with Pillman have been pulled from syndication and replaced with new matches to fill the airtime.
WATCH: Brian Pillman's ECW debut
  • The latest USWA TV show heavily featured WWF stars, in order to promote the upcoming show featuring several WWF wrestlers as well as WWF running a show in Memphis. Sunny, The Bodydonnas, Tatanka, and Ahmed Johnson all made appearances, plus Bret Hart did a taped interview. The Wednesday night show in Memphis later in the week drew 8,000 paid and set an all-time gate record for Memphis, doing $90,000 which was desperately needed after months of declining business.
WATCH: WWF invades USWA, Pt. 1 Pt. 2 Pt. 3 Pt. 4
  • ECW held an "internet convention" show last week (that would be CyberSlam 96) that featured an incredible match between Sabu and Too Cold Scorpio. The Bruise Brothers debuted (replacing the Gangstas and Dave notes New Jack is currently in jail in Georgia for some reason but he doesn't know why). During the match, Ron Harris got into a fight with some fans. It's the same show Pillman debuted at.
  • WCW ran a handful of house shows over the last week and did great business and it looks like WCW will be getting back into running regular house shows. They did a show in Baltimore headlined by Flair vs. Savage that drew 11,000 fans and a $102,000 gate. It's the first legit $100,000 gate WCW has ever drawn for a non-PPV show in company history. The other two shows over the weekend did similar numbers. It's double impressive because Hulk Hogan didn't work the shows. Furthermore, the Baltimore show outdrew WWF's recent show in the same arena.
  • On the latest Nitro, Ed Leslie debuted his latest gimmick, using the name The Booty Man and ran in to save Hogan from a beatdown. The announcers never acknowledged that he was Zodiac just last week and acted as if he was a total newcomer.
  • WCW's gag-order on mentioning WWF got bigger this week, as now all the people on the WCW Hotline have been told not to talk about WWF. The order comes from the Turner lawyers, who don't want any more WWF/WCW drama until after the Time Warner merger goes through.
  • It's expected Steve McMichael will be making his wrestling debut in May, likely with former coach Mike Ditka in his corner, which should get WCW plenty of mainstream publicity.
  • There's talk of doing a Razor Ramon vs. Goldust loser leaves town match at Wrestlemania if Razor decides to go to WCW when his contract is up, which is a definite possibility right now.
  • Ringmaster (Steve Austin) is now wrestling with a shaved head ("and shaved of his charisma as well," Dave adds).
  • The latest Billionaire Ted skit saw Ted interviewed by a fake Larry King, making fun of Hogan and Savage, and the fake Larry grilling Ted about withholding millions in losses from stockholders and Hogan's salary being kept off WCW's books, among several other things. Ted then pretended to have laryngitis and couldn't talk, which was a spoof on the gag order that's preventing WCW from talking about WWF right now.
WATCH: Billionaire Ted skit #8
  • Vader has signed a 2-year contract with WWF. The deal allows him to still work in Japan and indies, however, WWF must approve any U.S. indie dates.
  • WCW hyped up the upcoming Baywatch episode featuring several WCW wrestlers. Vader was also in that episode before he left and Eric Bischoff on TV said Vader ran away with his tail between his legs after Paul Orndorff got through with him. Guess the gag order doesn't apply to calling out specific wrestlers.
TOMORROW: Razor Ramon gives WWF notice that he's going to WCW & immediately fails a drug test afterward, Diesel also likely going to WCW, Wrestlemania plans changed, gay rights groups protest Goldust, and more...
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2017.05.16 18:05 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Feb. 12, 1996

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
PREVIOUS YEARS ARCHIVE: 19911992199319941995
1-2-1996 1-6-1996 1-15-1996 1-22-1996
1-29-1996 2-5-1996
  • The purpose of the Billionaire Ted skits is apparently to publicly expose the millions of dollars in losses WCW has suffered in recent years, as well as making drug allegations. On top of that, WWF has filed a complaint with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) alleging predatory business practices by WCW. The overall idea is to paint a very negative image of WCW's financial situation and its business practices as publicly as possible before the TurneTime Warner merger takes place later this year. The hope is that they can cause Turner and Time Warner enough trouble that they drop WCW before the merger just to get rid of the headache, which would basically kill the promotion. WCW is a small spoke on the wheel of the Turner empire and losing it wouldn't hurt Turner at all, but it would destroy WCW. In recent years, Time-Warner sold off its interest in Six Flags because the parks weren't profitable and they dropped several rappers from the record label due to negative publicity. WWF hopes to prove WCW is not profitable and give them bad publicity in hopes they get dropped (kind of a brilliant plan, actually).
  • The FTC complaint is in regards to WWF's attempt to secure a Saturday noon time slot for syndication in Memphis, but WCW swooped in and took it from them by using CNN as a bargaining chip. Basically, the station was told that if they want to keep CNN, they have to give WCW the time slot that WWF was going to get. Dave says that sort of thing is frowned upon in the industry but it's not unusual and WWF filing a complaint about it is more of a desperation move than anything.
  • This week's Billionaire Ted skit portrayed Ted Turner as someone who squandered $40 million of stockholder money (rather than his own) on "rasslin'". WWF also attempted to purchase ad-space in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal with a photo of Ted Turner and a message saying, "Attention Stockholders: Has Ted Turner lost $40 million dollars of your money in his personal vendetta against the World Wrestling Federation? Where are these losses reported in TBS financial statements?" Both newspapers turned it down, although a modified version was later accepted and will run in an upcoming issue of the Times. As for the planned Huckster vs. Nacho Man match at Wrestlemania, Eric Bischoff has decided not to pursue legal action to stop it, believing he would be playing into McMahon's hands if he tried (since the whole premise of this is that WCW is the big bad bully trying to legally threaten WWF).
WATCH: Billionaire Ted skit #6
  • On Nitro this week, the power cut out during the main event for several minutes, cutting off the broadcast. When they came back on the air, Eric Bischoff repeatedly blamed the event on sabotage by WWF. Vince McMahon was infuriated by the accusation and the assumption that WWF would attempt to do something illegal like literally sabotage the arena while they're on the air (the paranoia is gettin' real...). Anyway, the real reason was due to construction nearby (this becomes a bigger deal later).
  • Also during Nitro, a really strange thing happened with Brian Pillman that may finally lead to the end of him in WCW. During a tag match, Pillman and Sullivan stopped selling for each other and eventually tagged out. When they got back in, the match completely fell apart as the two seemed to be shooting on each other. At one point, Sullivan went to gouge Pillman's eyes when Arn Anderson jumped in to separate it, shouting "Not the eye!" Pillman kept not selling things and eventually walked out on the match. Backstage afterward, Pillman and Sullivan reportedly had words, with Pillman complaining that Sullivan wasn't selling for him. Pillman has been dangerously close to getting fired for weeks now for his erratic behavior.
WATCH: Brian Pillman/Kevin Sullivan fight breaks out in tag match
  • The Davey Boy Smith assault case in Calgary wrapped up this week and went to the jury but there was no verdict as of press time. The big news coming out of the trial was that Smith was forced, under oath, to admit that wrestling is fake on the witness stand. The trial stems from a fight between Smith and someone at a night club who reportedly asked Smith's wife Diana to dance and may or may not have made a rude sexual comment to her. The victim says Smith beat him up (using wrestling moves) and slammed his head to the ground, causing him permanent, serious brain damage. Other witnesses say Smith dragged the guy over to the bouncers and then walked away and then the guy tried to attack Smith but slipped on the wet floor and hit his head when he fell. Smith had to testify that you can't do most big wrestling moves in a real fight because they require cooperation between both wrestlers.
  • At the latest WCW Disney tapings, The Giant and Zodiac (Beefcake) turned babyface. The reason is because they're both friends with Hogan and Hogan wanted them turned face so it wouldn't be weird when they're all seen hanging out together in public. The Giant recently moved to Florida near Hogan and Hogan is basically grooming him to be the next Andre. Zodiac's new name after the face turn looks to be The Clipmaster and was basically just the old Brutus Beefcake gimmick, with the shears.
  • There was an incident at the hotel in Orlando where all the WCW wrestlers were staying, when a man held a woman hostage in a hotel room and later threw her out and barricaded himself in. The SWAT teams showed up and evacuated the entire hotel, including many of the wrestlers. They eventually tear gassed the guy out. What's notable about the incident is that Brian Pillman (of course) stayed in character outside the hotel the whole time and kept trying to get back in so he could apprehend the suspect himself. After police got the guy and brought him out, Pillman kept trying to get close and was giving the guy the 4-finger Four Horseman signal as they put him in the police car.
  • On that same night, Public Enemy member Johnny Grunge was arrested for DUI after taking a WCW production van on a joyride. The van was reserved for WCW security official Doug Dillinger and it's unknown how Grunge got the keys. He has no prior arrests, so it's expected he'll just get a slap on the wrist.
  • Dave clears up a misconception about the ratings war between WWF and WCW. The truth is, when it comes to cable ratings, WCW has pretty much always had better ratings than WWF because they've been on cable (on TBS) for decades, going back to the Crockett years. But the real money was in syndication and that's where WWF always had a huge advantage. But the way the TV industry has changed in the last few years, syndication isn't as important anymore. The real money now is in cable. And because WCW is kicking WWF's ass in the cable ratings, everyone is talking as if it's something new. But WCW has always been winning the cable ratings battle. It's just that cable ratings weren't that important until recently. The only real difference is that now, the companies are going head-to-head and people can look at the ratings side by side and see WCW winning. But WCW's Saturday night TBS show was routinely beating WWF's Raw and Prime Time Wrestling shows for years. They just weren't on at the same time and syndication was more important.
  • UWA wrestler Elegante Blanco was shot and killed last month after an argument with some other men turned violent. All the promotions in Mexico dedicated shows to him.
  • EMLL is desperately trying to get Ultimo Dragon to drop the NWA middleweight title. He's expected to be jumping to AAA soon and the NWA titles (light heavyweight, middleweight, and welterweight) are considered the most prized titles in Mexico. The EMLL and AAA belts are simply considered promotional titles, while the NWA belts are recognized throughout Mexico by all promotions, so they don't want Ultimo Dragon jumping to AAA with the title.
  • A Current Affair was at the latest ECW show filming for a segment planned to air later this year (here's a video with an MSNBC segment on ECW from 1999, but the 1996 Current Affair segment is at the end of the video. So...enjoy both I guess).
WATCH: MSNBC/A Current Affair segments on ECW
  • 911 has left ECW. He was either fired or quit, depending on who you ask. Apparently the problem stems from him not wanting to put over Sabu or Taz. They buried him at the New York show, saying he was too scared to come out and face Taz. This led to Bam Bam Bigelow debuting (with WWF's permission, as he's still under contract to them) and fighting Taz.
  • Chris Jericho and Juventud Guerrera both debuted in ECW this week. Jericho beat Rob Van Dam in his match. Juventud debuted because Psicosis got stopped at the border because his work visa had expired, so Rey Misterio Jr. brought Juventud instead. WCW is pressuring Konnan to get Juvi and Misterio to come work for WCW instead of ECW.
  • Antonio Inoki is trying to get Terry Funk to wrestle a retirement match at his big multi-promotional show later this year. Dave says we've all heard Funk talk retirement before but he thinks it's really for real this time. Sure, Dave. Inoki also wants Dan Severn and one of the Gracie family members to agree to work a shoot fight.
  • Inoki also wants to get this event on PPV in the U.S. but considering all the politics with so many promotions involved, that's going to be a tall challenge. WWF has already offered to handle the PPV aspect but WCW said they wouldn't participate if that were the case, so Inoki is looking into a third-party to handle it. The original name of the event was World Wrestling Festival but it will be changed because Eric Bischoff didn't like it, feeling it was too similar to WWF. As for inter-promotional matches, WCW has agreed to let their guys work with the Japanese wrestlers. AAA and EMLL have agreed to let their wrestlers work with any other wrestlers except each others. And WWF is refusing to allow their people to participate in any inter-promotional matches at all.
  • On WCW Saturday Night, they repeatedly showed clips of Kevin Nash (currently Diesel in WWF) with his Vinnie Vegas gimmick in WCW, losing matches.
  • WWF wrestler Rad Radford had a seizure and passed out recently and spent the next day in the hospital in critical condition. At one point, he stopped breathing for a couple of minutes. Word is he passed out at night in front of a friend's house in the pouring rain and wasn't found until the next morning by a neighbor and was rushed to the hospital. He recovered and is now out of the hospital and is expected to be out for a month or two (this was the real start of the downfall for him. The seizure was from a Soma overdose and WWF later released him and he died 2 years later from another overdose).
  • ESPN has started airing SportsCenter promos with WWF wrestlers that are pretty funny (I can only find one of them, not sure if there's more).
WATCH: ESPN SportsCenter WWF commercials
  • Latest word is Cactus Jack's WWF name will be Mankind The Mutilator.
  • And finally, Dave ends off with this little one-sentence nugget: "There is very much talk and/or concern that eitheor both Diesel and Razor Ramon may go to WCW after their contracts expire."
TOMORROW: tons more on WWF's legal battles against WCW, Davey Boy Smith acquitted, Brian Pillman respects the booker man, and more...
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2017.04.17 18:03 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Nov. 6, 1995

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
PREVIOUS YEARS ARCHIVE: 1991199219931994
1-2-1995 1-9-1995 1-16-1995 1-23-1995
1-30-1995 2-6-1995 2-13-1995 2-20-1995
2-27-1995 3-7-1995 3-13-1995 3-20-1995
3-27-1995 4-10-1995 4-17-1995 4-24-1995
5-1-1995 5-8-1995 5-15-1995 5-22-1995
5-29-1995 6-5-1995 6-12-1995 6-19-1995
6-26-1995 7-3-1995 7-10-1995 7-17-1995
7-24-1995 7-31-1995 8-7-1995 8-14-1995
8-21-1995 8-28-1995 9-4-1995 9-11-1995
9-18-1995 9-25-1995 10-2-1995 10-9-1995
10-16-1995 10-23-1995 10-30-1995
  • The In Your House buyrate estimates look to be in the 0.35 to 0.40 range which is BY FAR the lowest buyrate in WWF history and would be the first WWF PPV to do less than 100,000 buys. Given the cost of doing a PPV, it might have been the first WWF PPV to ever lose money. Dave says the number has to send chills down Vince's spine. With house shows no longer doing good business (WWF just cut the number they do in half and WCW barely does them at all), both WWF and WCW rely on PPVs as their main income. WCW can afford to lose money because they have the Turner corporate backing but if PPV is no longer profitable, WWF is in major trouble. Dave says it's time to reevaluate the low-priced monthly In Your House PPV format because it's obviously not working, as each buyrate has been lower than the one before it. Dave thinks the blame might rest on the Monday night wars, with both companies giving away main event quality matches and title changes on free TV every week, which doesn't give people the incentive to buy PPVs. But he doesn't see it changing because either of them giving up their Monday night show would be admitting defeat and neither promotion is going to do that.
  • An ECW show ended in panic last week due to an angle going awry. Cactus Jack accidentally set Terry Funk on fire and the fire spread into the crowd, with a fan getting burned as well as the ring catching on fire. Then the lights went out (as part of a planned angle with Raven and Dreamer) so it was dark and there was fire and then someone started spraying fire extinguishers. Needless to say, the crowd panicked a bit and a lot of fans were choking and coughing from the fire extinguishers. Several people were banged up and one or two fans were reportedly hospitalized. One fan had burns on his hand and Terry Funk suffered 2nd degree burns on his arm and back. Many fans were furious, saying that turning the lights off while there was still fire burning everywhere put people in danger and a lot of people have been vowing to never attend another ECW show. Funk was furious and completely destroyed the dressing room after but later apologized and even asked to wrestle on the next show because he wants to help make sure ECW can get those fans back who vowed not to attend. Paul Heyman has been telling people after the show that ECW will no longer use fire as a prop (yeah right). Anyway, this ends up becoming a big story in the next few weeks, but here's Terry Funk and Steve Austin talking about it.
LISTEN: Terry Funk tells Steve Austin about the night they caught ECW on fire
  • Halloween Havoc is in the books and, whew boy... The show featured a man falling from a building to his apparent death and then showing up 15 minutes later, unharmed and ready to wrestle. Dave calls the show "the pro wrestling version of Plan 9 from Outer Space" (considered by many to be the worst movie ever made). Hogan and Giant had a monster truck sumo battle on the roof of the Cobo Arena (taped the night before) leading to Hogan shoving Giant off the roof, ostensibly committing murder. But then Giant came out for his match with Hogan later and was just fine, "proving to be immortal to falling off buildings but not to legdrops and poorly timed boots to the face." It was only Giant's second match ever (he worked an indie match a year ago) and he looked lost at times but overall, he did great considering. Anyway, after the match Ron Reis debuted as The Yeti. It was supposed to be El Gigante, but he was hospitalized earlier in the week and then went AWOL and stopped answering WCW's calls. Yeti came in and he and Giant did a double bear-hug on Hogan. "At least I hope that's what it was, because it looked more like a kinky sandwich," Dave says and then adds, "It started as a great angle but turned into something campy in the worst way when the guy wrapped up in toilet paper showed up and tried to have sex with Hogan."
WATCH: Hulk Hogan kills The Giant
WATCH: The Yeti debuts at WCW Halloween Havoc
  • Other notes from the show: Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko, and Eddie Guerrero all worked pre-show matches. Randy Savage was supposed to face Kamala but Kamala quit the company because he didn't want to do the job, so Zodiac (Beefcake) had to fill in. Dave notes again that Savage is working with a detached tricep which, reminder, becomes notable news in a month or so. Jimmy Hart turned heel. Sheik accompanied Sabu to the ring and even threw a fireball at Jerry Lynn. Flair turned on Sting as expected (in hilarious fashion).
GIF: Ric Flair turns on Sting
  • This was expected to be Hogan's last WCW match until February or March. Hogan has apparently had negotiations with WWF recently but they weren't serious and haven't led anywhere. WCW is confident that he is staying. But with everyone turning heel, Hogan leaving for awhile, and Savage working with a serious injury, Sting is the only real babyface they can run with now.
  • The latest on the AAA/Televisa deal is that they reportedly have a 5-year deal. EMLL has a contract with Televisa as well and while their show won't be taken off the air, they won't be taping any new episodes so the remainder of EMLL's TV time will be old matches and their TV show will be cut down to 1 hour. They're also losing their U.S. Galavision coverage entirely. Guys like El Hijo del Santo and Blue Panther, who jumped ship from AAA or left to start their own promotion, won't be allowed to air on Televisa. EMLL is trying to play it off as not a big deal, but the reality is AAA straight up kicked them in the nuts on this one.
  • Perro Aguayo Jr. was injured in a match with Psicosis in AAA. Psicosis did a moonsault and landed squarely with all his weight on his knee right on Aguayo's face. He was stretchered out and taken to the hospital and was unconscious for 3 hours before waking up. He was released the next day with a broken nose and severe nasal passage damage and is expected to be out for about a month. His father, Perro Aguayo was backstage and raging at Psicosis and they nearly had a fight in the dressing room.
  • Sabu may be brought to AAA soon as a top heel. He wants to be a top guy somewhere and it's clearly not going to happen in WCW or NJPW, as both promotions have seemingly decided he's only a midcard guy.
  • Juventud Guerrera made a tough choice this week by returning to AAA. Guerrera's father Fuerza Guerrera and Blue Panther recently defected from AAA to start their own promotion and it was thought Juventud was going to go with them. Juventud was torn between working for his father's new promotion or staying with AAA and working with his best friends (Psicosis and Rey Misterio Jr.) and eventually decided to stay with his friends. As a result, Juventud's father has kicked him out of their house and Juventud is now living with Psicosis and Misterio.
  • Antonio Pena is suing Box y Lucha Magazine because they published a letter allegedly from Pena's father, saying that Pena and AAA are ruining the wrestling business in Mexico. Turns out Pena's father never wrote that letter and the magazine fabricated it themselves, so he's suing.
  • New Japan and UWFI are still holding a few smaller joint shows together, and UWFI guys have been winning some occasional matches, but the damage was pretty much done after the huge Tokyo Dome show last month where NJPW buried them.
  • Tatsumi Fujinami's new promotion (which I guess Dave doesn't know the name of) held its first show and drew over 3,300 and was hugely successful. It seems to be affiliated with New Japan since they sent one of their wrestlers to work his show. Fujinami beat Tully Blanchard in the main event, which was surprisingly Blanchard's first time ever working in Japan.
  • USWA is struggling in Memphis lately, and even bringing in Razor Ramon to defend the IC title only drew 800 people to the Monday night show at the Mid-South Coliseum. Memphis wrestling has run on Monday nights for years but Dave thinks it might be struggling due to fans staying home and watching WWF and WCW on Monday nights now.
  • There is talk of bringing in Missy Hyatt to ECW to work mixed tag matches with Bill Alfonso against Tod Gordon and Beulah.
  • Steve Austin will be sticking around ECW for a little while and won't be heading to WWF any time soon (he debuts in WWF 2 months after this so, yanno...)
  • Sabu worked an NWA show the same night as a nearby ECW show, facing Devon Storm (later known in WCW as Crowbar) in a match that many people said was the best they'd ever seen live. Sabu and Paul Heyman had a long conversation the night before, with Heyman presumably trying to talk him out of working the show. Heyman has gone on record saying that if Sabu did the show, he would never be welcomed back to ECW, so that's where that stands.
  • Whataburger, a Texas burger chain, is running a commercial filmed at the Dallas Sportatorium featuring several wrestlers, including new WWF star Ahmed Johnson (I can't find this, sadly).
  • John Hawk (JBL) won the CWA Hannover tournament in Europe. Whatever that is.
  • Chris Benoit and Brian Pillman are back on for the Stu Hart tribute Stampede show next month in Calgary. The tentative plan is for Benoit to face Dean Douglas, but that will likely change because of the obvious political problems (WCW vs. WWF wrestler).
  • Chris Benoit is going to be the 4th member of the Four Horsemen, and it was pretty much a last minute decision due to injury situations (Alex Wright out injured and Randy Savage working with a bad arm injury). Speaking of Benoit, he and Eddie Guerrero are almost definitely staying with WCW after their original 90-day contracts expire soon.
  • Brian Pillman had a DUI case in Cincinnati that was plea bargained down this week to reckless driving. Pillman paid a $25 fine and will have a year of probation and must go to a 3-day driving class.
  • Starrcade is scheduled to be a WCW vs. NJPW show and will feature many NJPW wrestlers. In order to get them over, WCW has brought in Sonny Onno (who knows nothing about wrestling but they're using him because he happens to be Japanese and is one of Eric Bischoff's best friends) and they are doing an angle where Onno will "buy" a percentage of WCW and take over the Sunday Main Event TV show, fire Dusty Rhodes and Zbyszko and do commentary himself as an evil Japanese stereotype. Most of the matches will feature NJPW guys, in order to build heat and get them over to WCW fans before Starrcade.
  • With El Gigante out of the picture, WCW is searching for a third "giant" for the 3-ring battle royal at the World War III PPV.
  • A doctor in Georgia was indicted on 83 counts of prescription drug violations. Among those charges is that he supplied former WCW wrestler Van Hammer with various prescriptions on 59 different occasions.
  • WWF and WCW are both interested in bringing in Public Enemy (both would eventually get them and not know how to use them, further showing Paul Heyman's genius at getting people over).
  • Bill DeMott debuted a new gimmick at the WCW tapings using the name "Humorous."
  • Dean Douglas was coughing up blood after his match with Razor Ramon and missed the next week of shows after Razor clotheslined him and damaged his larynx.
  • WWF is planning to acknowledge other promotions like USWA, SMW, and WAR in Japan and bring in guys from those promotions to work the Royal Rumble. WWF is also concerned about WCW's World War III battle royal hurting the Rumble since the two shows are happening so close together (I mean, 2 months apart but whatever...).
  • A lab in Switzerland made news this week when they announced they were developing the first drug test that can detect HGH. The story was picked up in major media outlets and it's thought that the test may be ready in time for the 1996 Olympics, although it probably won't be used yet because it's so new. Dave thinks it's a shame these scientists didn't talk to Vince McMahon first, since Vince repeatedly told people back in 1991 and 1992 that his doctors had already developed a foolproof drug test that also detected HGH and then complained when nobody believed them. The fact that the technology for that didn't exist back then didn't seem to matter.
  • Cactus Jack, at 1448 4th St., West Babylon, NY 11704 is moving and has 50 videotapes and 100 mint condition Japanese magazines for sale.
TOMORROW: state athletic commission investigates ECW fire incident, Steve Austin cuts another famous promo, WCW and WWF PPV buyrate examination, and more...
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Zodiac Facts - 2nd January Birthday Horoscope Facts About Capricorn - Read the full article at https://www.sunsigns.org/birthdate-2-january-zodiac-sign-capri... Here are some of the strangest and Interesting facts about the Capricorn Zodiac sign. How many of these facts have you heard before? Watch this video to know... Published on Jan 2, 2017 宇宙をこよなく愛する豊田貴志氏のアルバム「ZODIAC」。 12星座を1曲4分、全体で48分の仕上がりとなっています。 Thanks For Watching Subscribe to become a part of #TeamGyanPost SUBSCRIBE for awesome videos every day!: Rate, Comment, Share... Thanx and Enjoy the videos. Souvenir de notre premier jour de nos vacances à Bray-Dunes - Résidence le Zodiac sur la digue. Cette résidence est abandonnée depuis quelques années, environt 2005? Libra ️Without a doubt,you guys are a perfect match, this is your Twin-Flame. ️ March 2020 - Duration: 47:21. Gypsy Love Portal 23,891 views Your Free Birthday Horoscopes and Predictions Personality in January. If your Birthday is January 2 and your Zodiac Sign is Capricorn. ... Daily Horoscope: January 2nd - 3rd, 2020 - Duration: 1:31. Aired during Dead Before Dawn. Coronavirus in Georgia: Number of confirmed cases surpasses 9,100 with 348 deaths Live News 11Alive 1,302 watching Live now January 2 - Birthday Horoscope Personality - Duration: 6:48. Free Daily ... SUCCESSFUL RELATIONSHIPS AND CLOUT CHASERS!! January 2-15th 2020 Tarot - Duration: 11:41. Freda Tarot ...